Reclamation / Environment

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OSL is committed to continually improving our reclamation techniques and technology to insure that any disturbed land is returned back to a productive state in the quickest, but more importantly, most effective means available to date.

The Land Reclamation consultants at OSL are educated in Agrology and are members of the Land Reclamation Association.  They are backed by decades of experience in various types of oil related site reclamation and remediation.  With this experience comes a vast knowledge of the industry, obtainable only by hands on work in the field.  OSL has a strong understanding of the sensitivity and the level of professionalism necessary to successfully orchestrate a satisfactory outcome with both the land owner and the client in mind.

OSL is ready to coordinate your well or battery site reclamation project, whether you require full facility removal, assistance with your well/pipeline abandonment project, spill response, or remediation.  OSL will step into any project, in any phase of development and assist you with re-vegetating, weed management, cost tracking, agendas for meetings, and insuring all OSL, client, and government required safety documents/practices are being implemented and properly recorded.  Please contact our qualified and competent team members today for a no commitment overview of your project.