Pump-Jacks & Top-Drives

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Keeping the production flowing to the facilities is ultimately the most important step to maintaining our client’s revenue streams.

OSL Integrated is fortunate to have some of the most experienced and reliable technicians specializing in both pump-jacks and top-drives. Whether it is inspections, service, or sales, OSL will ensure your secondary drive starts running and stays running. No matter the size, make, or style of either pump jacks or top drives, let OSL look after your:

  • Pump-jack and Top-drive inspection, service, and installation
  • Fully interactive, up to date, accountable database to track your assets
  • In house, client specific, maintenance program development and implementation
  • Prime mover sales and service by ticketed mechanic
  • Strong network of contacts to find or fabricate hard to locate obscure parts

OSL knows how important your equipment is and we won’t just send the “new guy” to work on it. We have credited trades people with years of experience specific to effectively ensure your assets continue producing. A trustworthy source of information and input is worth the call. Get in contact with us today and ask for a demonstration of our interactive equipment database.