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OSL is a true partnership with two equal owners. The company was founded in 2008 as an EOR service provider, but later expanded in 2013 to become a full construction and maintenance service provider.

OSL was forged from the frustration realized from having to deal with substandard services and the motivation to step up and offer a quality service that actually makes the client’s life easier. Ownership is truly hands on and works hard to build and maintain the culture which set them in motion.

ATTENTION – to details, client’s needs, and our performance. Basically do the little things that make a big difference.

COMMITMENT – to maintain a high level of expectations and standards that start at ownership, and carry through to every member of our team.

EXPERIENCE – is the field level equivalent of a degree. We know from experience that hiring people with the right qualifications and attitude makes everyone’s life easier.  It also means that our new employees will be trained properly.

FLEXIBILITY – is being comfortable enough to take on any role required, while maintaining a high level of competency is a huge asset.  We want to work with our clients, not against them.  Nothing is worse for a project than conflict.  A big part of our success is our client’s appreciation for a job well done without drama.

MODERN – is the days of the job being over as soon as the well is on production are long past. We pride ourselves on striving to stay modern with our data capturing, documentation, safety, and reporting procedures.  We have a great balance of experience and youth with both groups learning from the other.

DIVERSIFICATION – is our state of the art, 10,000 sq.ft facility, a top notch fleet of equipment, high quality personnel, and a strong supply of networking contacts to excel at any requirement our clients may have.  We do not “dabble” in the services we provide.  We either commit fully to it and hire the best available people, or align ourselves with other vendors that already offer the best service.  Our reputation for perfection is our biggest asset.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT – to make our client’s lives easier. We strive to develop business relations based on our high level of effort, while providing an exceptional service. Our confidence in our workmanship shows and has proven to build long lasting, trusted relationships.